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First Hopkinton SDB Church Seeks Assistant Pastor

Pastor Dave Stall has sent this job posting regarding an opening at the First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church: First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church is seeking an assistant pastor. We are looking for someone who is called, equipped, and ready to serve our thriving ... Read More

Kevin Sorbo Gives SDBs A “Shout Out”

Many of you have already heard that KEVIN SORBO will be our keynote speaker at our conference in 2018! Kevin is an actor who is well-known for his role on the Hercules TV show and the Andromeda series. He has done lots of movies, including ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – November 2017

  In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder, we have articles from: Pastor Michael Spearl “He Is Able“ Carl Greene – “The Pulse of a Healthy Church: From Remembering to Doing“ Pastor JR Shick- “Thankful In Not Knowing The Outcome“ Phil Lawton – ” The Lord’s Prayer: ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – October 2017

  In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder, we have articles from: Cheryl Muffley-  “Celebrating 6 Dads At Shiloh“ Carl Greene – “The Pulse of a Healthy Church: Holy Discontentment“ Cheri Appel – “Real Miracles“ Linda Lawton – “Testing Your Faith“ Phil Lawton – ” The Lord’s ... Read More

Deadline Extended for MULTIPLY Conference Registration until October 1

Our deadline for registration has been extended until October 1. Please consider attending the MULTIPLY Church Development Conference from October 19-21 in Colorado Springs.  Find more information at: ... Read More

Forms for SCSC 2018 Now Available

Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) 2018 forms are now available at the SDB Women’s Society Website! There are some deadlines to be aware so please read through each carefully as you apply.  You can read more and apply ... Read More

Women’s Society Love Gift

Time is running out to contribute to this year’s Love Gift! The Women’s Interest committee recommended that we distribute the Love Gift accordingly: $500 for the Stephanie Sholtz Wellness Fund $400 for Spanish Language Ministry (Church Development) $400 PROP (COSAR) $300 SDBU for Student Expenses ... Read More

Introducing the 2017-18 Scripture Memory Program!

Each year, the Christian Education Council sponsors a program meant to encourage Seventh Day Baptists to memorize God’s word:  our Scripture Memory Program.  Each year, the program is focused towards our Conference theme, and meant to help us engage both the Conference theme and the ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – September 2017

In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder, we have articles from: Rev. Nate Crandall-  “Embracing Your Mission“ Kevin Butler – “Church Blast With Butler“ Rev. Nate Crandall – “Encounter, Equip, Empower“ Clint Brown – “Gospel Feet 2017“ An much more! The following versions are available: SDB LINK ... Read More

Unite to Provide Relief to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

You may have been watching with concern these past few days as Hurricane Harvey and its after effects ravage the countless communities and cities in South Texas. News reports continue to indicate that the storm’s heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding are unprecedented and exceeding expectations. According ... Read More