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Christian Education

Spring 2017 Helping Hand Available Digitally

The Spring Quarter of the Helping Hand, “God Loves Us”, is now available on Kindle for $2.99 or as a PDF download for individual use for $1.99.   From Editor, Steve Osborn: God is love. These words from 1 John 4:8 summarize the central characteristic of ... Read More

Kindle Version of Helping Hand for December 2016-February 2017 Available!

The Kindle version of the Winter Quarter of the Helping Hand is live on Amazon. Find it here for only $2.99:   From Editor Steve Osborn:   Too often, we end our discussion of God’s plan and power in creation looking at the details of ... Read More

2016-17 Scripture Memory Program Available!

The 2016-2017 Scripture Memory Program is now available from the Conference President and the Christian Education Council.  The program offers nine months of Scripture to memorize which have been specially selected by our General Conference President, Patti Wethington, as we consider her theme, “Life on ... Read More

Arrival Delays for Print Copies of Fall 2016 Helping Hands

Earlier today on this blog, we provided information for the Kindle version of the Helping Hand. Unfortunately, the same level of availability will not be provided immediately for subscribers to the print version of the Helping Hand because of continuing difficulties in the printing and ... Read More

Fall Quarter Helping Hand Now Available on Kindle!

The Fall Sabbath School Quarter is about to begin and the newest edition of the Helping Hand in Bible Study is available on Amazon for your Kindle or other device at a cost of only $2.99. Find it here:   In this study, the sovereign ... Read More

Ministry Update: Christian Education

Each quarter we look to highlight an area of ministry and give you an update on the work being done by the Conference in advancing the Kingdom. This month we take a look at Christian Education. We highlight this month info on materials for a ... Read More

Reporting for 2015-16 Scripture Memory Program

The month of June marks the end of the Scripture Memory Program for 2015-16, after beginning this year’s program after last year’s General Conference sessions.  Successful completion of the program makes the participants (both individuals and churches) eligible for recognition, but in order to be ... Read More

Deadline Approaches for Crystal Apple Nominations!

As noted in the March Sabbath Recorder, nominations are currently open for this year’s Sabbath School Teacher of the Year Award! The award is given yearly to a Sabbath School teacher who is nominated by their local SDB Church and meets a few requirements (noted ... Read More

Youth Conference and Young Adult Activities at General Conference Meetings, 2016

In response to a recommendation from the Christian Education Council and by action of General Conference in 2015, this year there will be no Youth or Young Adult Pre-Cons.  Instead, we are introducing one new ministry for youth and supporting young adult ministries at this ... Read More

Helping Hand Delays, 2-29-16

March-April-May 2016 Helping Hand
We have become aware over the past few days that we are experiencing delays with the delivery of the Helping Hand to subscribers for the 2nd Quarter of 2016, which covers March, April and May.  These delays are the result of stacked delays in the ... Read More