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SDB Exec Blog

Beloved Florida Pastor Passes Away

It is with regret that we announce the passing of Pastor Alcott Lynch of West Palm Beach,  FL after an extended illness. Pastor Lynch served the West Palm Beach Seventh Day Baptist church for many years. Please keep his wife, Jasmine, and his sons, Alrich ... Read More

Resolution Passed at 2015 General Conference Sessions Affirming Previous SDB Statements on Marriage

The following resolution was introduced and passed during the 2015 General Conference Sessions. Your church is encouraged to contact your liability insurance provider and to examine its own documents and policies concerning same sex unions.  WHEREAS, God in His divine wisdom created and intended marriage ... Read More

Bond Voted to Serve as Assistant Pastor

On October 18, 2015, the Portland Area SDB Church voted for Levi Bond to serve as Assistant Pastor. Pastor Levi has served this congregation for many years in an “unofficial” capacity alongside Pastor Jerry Vaught. Pastor Levi has also served as pulpit supply for other ... Read More

REMINDER: October is Pastor Appreciation Month

October is pastor Appreciation Month. While we are thankful for our past, present, and future pastors in the General Conference, we appreciate the reminder to bless and care for our pastors this month. Here are 9 practical ways that you can thank your pastor this ... Read More

Appel Taking Spiritual Retreat, May 20-22, 2015

As part of his regular pattern during his eleven years of service, our executive director, Rob Appel, has made it priority at least once each year to take a spiritual retreat.  During these times, and following the example of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:35), Rob focuses ... Read More

Thankful IN All Things

Despite the seemingly earlier and earlier push of Christmas, Thanksgiving remains one of the major holidays we in the U.S. celebrate. Travel exponentially increases, families gather, and while we are supposed to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, we often get ... Read More

When the price is right, churches are selling property to advance ministry

Churches being wooed by developers are seeing opportunities to expand ministries and facilities with lucrative real estate deals.  By Jeff Brumley Selling all or portions of property is nothing new for downtown churches. It’s been a practice for decades, necessitated by demographic shifts and urban ... Read More

Slight of Hand?

Thursday night at Conference I happened to wandered into the room, that the artists were using prior to their performances, just in time to see Ralph Mackintosh (front and center of the picture) show his skills at illusion and trickery.  The members of the band, ... Read More

About a Rev named Kev

So what do these family photos have to do with the next Sabbath Recorder? Well, perhaps it’s because certain children of a certain editor decided to write a certain tribute to their old man as he lays down the editorial pen. The pictures span the 25 ... Read More

Happy 170th, SR!!

It happens every year. I get a lovely homemade card in the mail reminding me of something that has crept up and would likely be forgotten without that reminder: the anniversary of the “birth” of The Sabbath Recorder! And this one is kind of a big ... Read More