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Accreditation Renewal

Renewal of Accreditation Application 060115 
Continuing Education

From the SDB Manual of Procedures, Section H:

Renewal of Accreditation
Accreditation is for a period of 5 years and can be renewed.  Required for renewal; the candidate continues to:

  • have a good character and a moral lifestyle
  • be a member of an SDB Church that is a member of the Conference
  • affirm that his/her beliefs are in accord with the beliefs expressed in the Seventh Day Baptist Statement of Belief
  • learn.  This will be supported by proof of at least three (3) pre-approved continuing education experiences related to ministry since the last renewal.  

Renewal begins when the accredited minister obtains the renewal form from the Council on Ministry, completes section A and requests that the Seventh Day Baptist Church where he or she is serving or is a member consider his or her qualifications and vote whether they can instruct the clerk to complete section B of the renewal form.  This vote is the affirmation of the congregation.  The church clerk will then complete and return the application for renewal of the accreditation.  

It is the responsibility of the accredited minister to confirm with COM that the renewal form, with sections A & B completed, has been returned to COM by March 1, of the year that Conference will vote on the renewal.

If an accredited pastor is serving in a branch of a conference member congregation, the sponsoring congregation is where the affirming vote and clerk’s signature is to originate.

If an accredited minister is not in regular contact with the congregation where he/she is a member, that congregation should consider seriously whether that minister is “a member in good standing” or whether they can honestly comment on that minister’s character, lifestyle or beliefs.  If the church is unable to affirm the qualifications for this minister’s accreditation renewal, it should encourage that minister to request a withdrawal of accreditation.

When an Accreditation Renewal form is not submitted by March 31, the Council on Ministry will contact the Minister to determine the reason.

An Accredited minister will be considered Emeritus and will not be required to participate in the continuing education every 5 years if that minister meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • retires due to disability (health)
  • is age 70 or more  
  • has maintained accreditation for 30 or more years