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October is Coming, and So Is Pastor Appreciation Month

Ever wonder why Pastor Appreciation month falls in October? That is a really good question, and I would love to discover your answer! In the meantime, I would like to pose a simple, early reminder to start preparing for intentionally communicating with our pastors about ... Read More

How Many Questions Today?

Have you ever sat down to calculate how many questions a day you need to answer? The number might surprise you. What is probably not a shocker is that it appears as though the highest number of questions get posed to mothers of young children—possibly ... Read More

Scripture Memory Program Updates!

This afternoon, we have some very timely and necessary updates about our General Conference’s Scripture Memory Program! First, all local SDB churches should’ve received a mailing with the following information: Sample brochures for the 2020-21 Scripture Memory Program A letter explaining that program Certificates for ... Read More

2020 Conference Offering Update

You might have gotten tired of hearing about it. We posted a Conference Offering Announcement on the SDB blog, there were reminders in the Sabbath Recorder and on social media–even reminders sent directly to churches. We mentioned that since we won’t be together in person ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – September 2020

  In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus in All of Scripture – Matthew Butler YouthCon Meets on Zoom – William J. Probasco KidCon 2020 – Elianna McHenry It’ll Only Hurt for a Little While – Kevin Butler And much more! ... Read More

21 Days of Prayer for SDB Church Planting

Think about the difference between prayers of convenience and passion filled prayers. Sometimes I pray for things as they pop into my mind, like finding lost keys. These are needed prayers, but focused on my convenience in the moment. Now consider passion filled prayers that ... Read More

Fall Helping Hands Available!

The SDB Christian Education Council is glad to announce the availability of the Fall 2020 quarter (Sept-Nov) of the Helping Hand, entitled, “Love for One Another.”  Mailed copies should’ve already arrived to subscribers.  Digital versions can be found at the SDB Conference website, as well ... Read More

SDBU Set to Roll for Fall 2020!

With the autumn approaching, schools around the country are either already back in session or quickly moving that direction.  Accordingly, another semester of SDBU is set to roll out, with registration ending today.  All current students should’ve received multiple communications regarding the upcoming semester, and ... Read More

Got Scalp Moss?

“Scalp Moss” is a real concern, even if the term has dubious origins. In fact, I have had first-hand experience with the scourge of Scalp Moss in my youth. It refers to the result of systematic poor hygiene during adolescent years—or in my case, avoiding ... Read More

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution?

This picture is of Saxon Harbor on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. The lovely rusty red color of the water is the result of a heavy rain. While the harbor close to the swollen rivers feeding the lake were far from pristine, further out on ... Read More