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The Solution to Pollution is Dilution?

This picture is of Saxon Harbor on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. The lovely rusty red color of the water is the result of a heavy rain. While the harbor close to the swollen rivers feeding the lake were far from pristine, further out on ... Read More

Did You Miss It?

There is a crow hiding in this picture–somewhat hidden by its surroundings. Granted, crows are not the most exciting thing out there to find—but I do have a couple of suggestions of things you do not want to miss! SDB Conference Video Reports can be ... Read More

Are You Tired Yet?

Drowsy Driving. How do you stay awake and alert when driving long distances? Most likely it involves: 1) getting a good night’s sleep, and 2) having a conversation partner in the vehicle. I think that we are entering a season of drowsy driving as churches, ... Read More

Your Chance for Feedback on Virtual Conference Week 2020!

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers who made Virtual Conference Week 2020 a success! We are hoping that the events were able to be provided helped you to Fix Your Eyes on Jesus.  We are also hoping that you might have a few minutes ... Read More

Women’s Society Annual Love Gift Collection

Thank you very much for the 4 Society members who came together to prayerfully decide how to share the love this year! We will share the $$ received equally among each of these fine causes, so our goal is to raise at least $3000. Now ... Read More

URGENT Reminder: Conference Offering

We hope that you have enjoyed and benefitted from our Virtual Conference Week. The Directors and a team of amazing volunteers helped to make this week happen for you. Please visit the Virtual Conference Week 2020 page and you can get a recap of each ... Read More

Watching Like a Caterpillar

I really do not find caterpillars all that interesting. It appears as though they eat too much and then simply pass the time until they get to be a beautiful butterfly. If I was a caterpillar, I am confident that I would be living my ... Read More

Recovering Beauty During National Moth Week

Happy National Moth Week. Really, this is a thing. I know this because our naturalist son, Samuel, has been staying up late at night and rising early in the morning to go mothing. Not entirely convinced of his nocturnal habits, I checked out the National ... Read More

Registration for Fall Semester of SDBU Open

The SDB School of Ministry is proud to announce that registration for classes in our Ministry Leadership and Pastoral Leadership programs for the Fall 2020 semester is now open.  Students wishing to register for classes should follow this link and register for classes prior to the ... Read More

Faith in Action

This article is written by Bobby and Cariann Smith of the White Cloud SDB Church. Hope you enjoy this picture of how God is at work in and through one of our local SDB churches participating in the SDB Church Revitalization Grant program.  Considering the ... Read More