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Spring Issue of Helping Hand Available!

The Kindle version of the Spring Quarter of the Helping Hand in Bible Study is now available for purchase from Amazon.  Our study this quarter, titled “Justice and the Prophets,” focuses on justice as presented in Scriptures from the prophets, who called for both repentance and ... Read More

New News About SDBU

“Kingdom-seekers teach another’s truth.  They sow God’s seed, not their own ideas.  Different farmers may have different ways of sowing, but the seed is vital.  So the kingdom-seeker is not preoccupied with style or method, but with communicating God’s truth.  And Jesus has already modeled ... Read More

Puerto Rico Response Update

As posted on January 15th, 2020, there was a very real and present need in Puerto Rico following a series of earthquakes.  Infrastructure and personal property, which was just beginning to be rebuilt after the disastrous hurricanes in 2017, was struck once again. And now, ... Read More

Active Life

“Fix your eyes on Jesus” is not simply a Conference week theme, it is a theme we are called to live out daily.  As Conference President Kevin Butler continues to encourage us to turn our gaze upon Jesus, I believe that this powerful quote from ... Read More

What’s So Special About February 29, 2020?

Here we are in the year 2020. Thank you for your generosity in the past. Now we look forward. The year 2020 has so many interesting realities. For example, some consider it a year of vision – 20/20 vision is considered perfect. It is also ... Read More

2020 SDB Pastors Conference — The Summit

Save the dates!  This update about our Annual SDB Pastors Conference is provided by the Director of Pastoral Services, Rev. John Pethtel.  I am personally looking forward to the opportunity to soak in the content of this event, and especially eager to experience the encouragement ... Read More

2020 Directory of Churches

The following letter and documents were mailed and emailed to all member churches on January 31, 2020. Groups identifying as SDB are also asked to complete these forms as part of continuing in partnership with the General Conference. The documents are included in the links ... Read More

Work Prayer: Redeeming Our Time at Work

I have a question.  How do you experience God’s presence when you work?  We spend a tremendous portion of our conscious hours in life working—it would seem as though we should be very intent on asking God to redeem that time to His glory.  Do ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – February 2020

  In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder: Rev. Dr. Dale D. Thorngate – A Matter of Belief or Experience? Dennis Coleman – The Bible, The Sabbath, The Rest Still to Come Pastor Rick Crouch – If Bible and Holy Spirit, Then Sabbath And much more! ... Read More

Praying Ahead

I recently traveled to Houston, Texas to worship at our two Seventh Day Baptist Churches.  Houston is home to the Johnson Space Center, the Texas Medical Center, and two fantastic Seventh Day Baptist Churches.  The First Seventh Day Baptist Church of Houston as well as ... Read More