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Summer 2020 Helping Hand Available Online (and Mailing Update!)

The Christian Education Council would like to announce the availability online of the 3rd Quarter (June-August 2020) of the Helping Hand.  Our study this quarter, entitled, “Many Faces of Wisdom,” explores wisdom, one of God’s greatest gifts to His people. Scripture tells us it is ... Read More

Team 21 Prayer for June

Our Team 21 Prayer Initiative includes praying specifically for SDB church planting across three weeks in June. At the heart of this prayer over the upcoming weeks is introspection: how are we as churches and individuals proclaiming and living out the gospel message? May God ... Read More

Sabbath Recorder – June 2020

  In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder: It’s Meant To Be Shared – Rev. Chris Galarneau The Way You Walk Matters – Pastor Michael Spearl Pursuing the Frontiers of Our Mission – Pastor Steve Osborn Reintroducing SDB Conference President Kevin Butler – General Council And ... Read More

2019-20 Scripture Memory Program Reporting

The time has come once again for Seventh Day Baptists who have completed our yearly Scripture Memory Program to report their completion!   Despite the cancellation of the in-person portion of our yearly General Conference sessions, we still intend to honor those who have completed this ... Read More


  This article is written by Pastor Johnmark Camenga of the Lost Creek SDB Church, providing a picture of how God is at work in and through one of our local SDB churches participating in the SDB Church Revitalization Grant program.  I’m sure you’ve heard ... Read More

May 31 – International Day For The Unreached

Greetings, Pastors! I hope you are all doing well and staying (mostly) sane, by the grace of the Lord! The SDB Missionary Society has a continuing education committee (CEC), and one of its roles is to seek to participate in the education of our churches ... Read More

General Council Update

In this time of Covid-19 coziness and transitions what better way to spend the weekend than in a virtual world with the General Council members. Pastor Steve Osborn, CO, Ericessen Cooper, NY, Andrew Camenga, PA, Dr Ralph Macintosh, CA, and myself, Patti Wethington, MI are ... Read More

Provoked to Change

Here is an exciting update written by Dr. Barry Dailey, Pastor of the SE Atlanta SDB Church (SEA), providing a picture of how God is at work in and through one of our local SDB churches participating in the SDB Church Revitalization Grant program.  The ... Read More

How Are You?

Few of us honestly answer the question “How are you?”. In fact, many of us wonder if the question is worth being asked. Personally, those three words make me squeamish—especially when I am the one routinely asking the three-word question. After all, am I really ... Read More

Thankful for May 1992, Thankful in May 2020

Do you remember May 1992? It fell in the year when the Ford Taurus surpassed the Honda Accord as the top-selling passenger car in the United States[1] and Ranch Dressing became the most popular topping for salad[2]. May is the specific month that the Space ... Read More