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SDB Exec Blog

Supper is on Fire

Fortunately, supper was on the grill so it did not set off all the smoke detectors in the house. The Mediterranean Chicken that I had carefully prepared did take on the appearance of a burnt offering though. But why the grill fire? I had followed ... Read More

October is Coming, and So Is Pastor Appreciation Month

Ever wonder why Pastor Appreciation month falls in October? That is a really good question, and I would love to discover your answer! In the meantime, I would like to pose a simple, early reminder to start preparing for intentionally communicating with our pastors about ... Read More

How Many Questions Today?

Have you ever sat down to calculate how many questions a day you need to answer? The number might surprise you. What is probably not a shocker is that it appears as though the highest number of questions get posed to mothers of young children—possibly ... Read More

2020 Conference Offering Update

You might have gotten tired of hearing about it. We posted a Conference Offering Announcement on the SDB blog, there were reminders in the Sabbath Recorder and on social media–even reminders sent directly to churches. We mentioned that since we won’t be together in person ... Read More

21 Days of Prayer for SDB Church Planting

Think about the difference between prayers of convenience and passion filled prayers. Sometimes I pray for things as they pop into my mind, like finding lost keys. These are needed prayers, but focused on my convenience in the moment. Now consider passion filled prayers that ... Read More

Got Scalp Moss?

“Scalp Moss” is a real concern, even if the term has dubious origins. In fact, I have had first-hand experience with the scourge of Scalp Moss in my youth. It refers to the result of systematic poor hygiene during adolescent years—or in my case, avoiding ... Read More

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution?

This picture is of Saxon Harbor on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. The lovely rusty red color of the water is the result of a heavy rain. While the harbor close to the swollen rivers feeding the lake were far from pristine, further out on ... Read More

Did You Miss It?

There is a crow hiding in this picture–somewhat hidden by its surroundings. Granted, crows are not the most exciting thing out there to find—but I do have a couple of suggestions of things you do not want to miss! SDB Conference Video Reports can be ... Read More

Are You Tired Yet?

Drowsy Driving. How do you stay awake and alert when driving long distances? Most likely it involves: 1) getting a good night’s sleep, and 2) having a conversation partner in the vehicle. I think that we are entering a season of drowsy driving as churches, ... Read More

Your Chance for Feedback on Virtual Conference Week 2020!

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers who made Virtual Conference Week 2020 a success! We are hoping that the events were able to be provided helped you to Fix Your Eyes on Jesus.  We are also hoping that you might have a few minutes ... Read More