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SDB Missions

Gospel Feet 5K

PEOPLE GET READY for the 7th annual Gospel Feet 5k taking place this summer at Conference. The Gospel Feet 5k is a fundraising opportunity for the SDB Missionary Society in support of ongoing work in African communities with orphans. The event will take place Fri. ... Read More

Join our Church Planting Prayer Initiative at Your Local Church

Team 21 is part of the ADVANCE initiative to promote, support, and fund church planting among SDBs. We are seeking out people who will donate $21 each month towards church planting, pray at least 21 minutes each week (3 minutes per day average) and for ... Read More

Give Up Coffee Challenge

This just in from the SDB Missionary Society: “Give up Coffee Challenge Starts today, Sunday, July 15th! In order to Hit the Grounds Running, you are being challenged to give up coffee for this week – Sunday July 15th – Saturday July 21st, 2018. Just give ... Read More

Unite to Provide Relief to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

You may have been watching with concern these past few days as Hurricane Harvey and its after effects ravage the countless communities and cities in South Texas. News reports continue to indicate that the storm’s heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding are unprecedented and exceeding expectations. According ... Read More

Zambia Comes to General Conference 2016

At General Conference meetings in Houghton, NY this year, we are expecting a special guest of the Missionary Society from Zambia. The General Secretary of the Zambian SDB Conf-erence, Quistin Chalwe, plans on being with us for the full week July 31st – August 6th ... Read More

SCSC Team to Jamaica 2016

The Missionary Society will again partner with the Women’s Board/ SCSC Committee to facilitate another SCSC missions team to Jamaica, this summer. In 2014 there was a successful pilot project to Jamaica, with the same collaboration. Hence there is a strong motivation to continuing cooperative ... Read More

Christmas Gift List 2015

This year we are encouraging our friends and family again to consider giving to support our Seventh Day Baptists brothers and sisters around the world in ... Read More

SDB’s Minister in Philippines Recovery

Two severe typhoons and a powerful earthquake have taken homes and lives.  In response, more than $7,200 was contributed to help with the natural disaster recover in the Philippines. Our SDB brothers and sister there are very grateful for all the prayers and donations as they ... Read More

Team on the way to Ethiopia

The SDB Missionary Society is sending a short-term mission team from the U.S. to Africa (Gambella, Ethiopia). The team is traveling to Ethiopia today with the goal of helping to build a Seventh Day Baptist Church there. The team plans to support the existing congregation with the construction ... Read More

4 Year Mission to Haiti – Suttons Waiting to Embark

Joel and Laura Sutton, commissioned by the Lost Creek SDB Church in West Virginia, are close to living their calling and dream; to be long term missionaries to Haiti. Their intention is to move into the mission field of south-western Haiti via a sending agency ... Read More