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Creation Groans – An Appeal for the SDB United Relief Fund

An update on ways that SDB’s can partner together for disaster relief in Puerto Rico: 22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. 23 And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have ... Read More

La Creación Gime – Un Llamado para el SDB United Relief Fund

22 Sabemos que toda la creación todavía gime a una, como si tuviera dolores de parto. 23 Y no solo ella, sino también nosotros mismos, que tenemos las primicias del Espíritu, gemimos interiormente, mientras aguardamos nuestra adopción como hijos, es decir, la redención de nuestro cuerpo. ... Read More

Missional Discipleship

Sometimes a word like discipleship requires a closer look.  What is it that we mean by that word?  We hear it all the time, but short definitions are hard to come by.  Here is a good attempt at capturing discipleship in short order:  “A disciple ... Read More

2019 Lightning Rods

The lightning rod simply seemed like the ideal hiding spot.  After all, who would expect looking there in December? We have a family tradition that involves a Scavenger Hunt at this time of year.  As the years go by, the clues get a bit more ... Read More

Firewood Sunsets

The tree was dead when we bought the property.  We knew it needed to come down eventually, but once we got used to it being there, we simply did not notice it anymore.  This week though, as a part of our wood stove’s appetite for ... Read More

Cumberland, MD: At the Intersection of History and Hope

Of the fascinating places I have recently visited, I want to highlight a new city to me:  Cumberland, MD.  Cumberland is home to nearly 20,000 residents.  It is full of history and people searching for hope.  It is also home to a Seventh Day Baptist ... Read More

Helping Hand Update, 12-9-19

Sadly, we are back with another update on the paper copies of the Winter 2019-20 edition of the Helping Hand.  We have connected with our mailing vendor and the USPS to inquire after what has happened to the quarterlies and they are not able at ... Read More

Thank-filled Chipmunks

Our backyard chipmunk, Freddie, sometimes has simply heard enough.  I think that his expression is sometimes how we react after Thanksgiving.  We unfortunately move past the focus on thankfulness and gratitude for a mindless return to the daily grind of life.  How full are you ... Read More

Helping Hand Shipping Delays, 11-25-19

We have become aware that due to a number of unforeseen delays in the production, printing and mailing of the Winter (December-January-February) 2019-20 Helping Hands, some subscribers have not received their print versions as yet. We are hopeful that they will arrive before this coming ... Read More


What does your thankful face look like? Really. Go to a mirror, think thankful thoughts, and look at your face closely. Do you like the expression that you see? This picture is of my Granny Thankful. Yes, her first name was Thankful. I am sure ... Read More