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How Are You?

Few of us honestly answer the question “How are you?”. In fact, many of us wonder if the question is worth being asked. Personally, those three words make me squeamish—especially when I am the one routinely asking the three-word question. After all, am I really ... Read More

Thankful for May 1992, Thankful in May 2020

Do you remember May 1992? It fell in the year when the Ford Taurus surpassed the Honda Accord as the top-selling passenger car in the United States[1] and Ranch Dressing became the most popular topping for salad[2]. May is the specific month that the Space ... Read More

Kale and the Local Church

True or False:  Before 2012, the number one purchaser of kale used it for non-food purposes.  Granted, for you kale naysayers, it still not fit for human consumption. This factoid is actually true—probably.  Based on some fact checking by NPR, it appears as though Pizza ... Read More

Reintroducing SDB Conference President Kevin Butler

The Seventh Day Baptist General Council is pleased to announce that Rev. Kevin Butler has agreed to serve as SDB Conference President and Charlotte Chroniger as President-elect for the 2021 General Conference session. In light of the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 General Conference ... Read More

Tesla Trust?

Coming out of the season of prayer and fasting that the SDB World Federation called us to, I would like to share one of the clear pictures that kept coming to my mind:  driving a Tesla.  Let me explain.    A few months ago, I ... Read More

A Call to Prayer and Fasting: April 18 and 19

We are praying.  We are seeking out God’s leading, protection, healing, and intervention amidst this unfolding crisis.  Over time though, this faithful prayer time can increasingly feel like a lonely, daunting task from within the four walls of our home.  We do, however, have the ... Read More

2020 Annual Sessions Cancelled

The Seventh Day Baptist General Council, after considerable prayer and in consultation with the Conference President, Host Committee, Conference Directors, and Allied Societies, has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 General Conference session. This decision was made in light of the significant disruption ... Read More

SDB Memorial Board Update

It is a privilege to be able to partner and work together as Seventh Day Baptists even in the midst of crisis and disruption.  The importance of communicating well is a priority for us as we strive to Actively Advance God’s Kingdom together in this ... Read More

Not COVID Update: Authenticity at the Bell SDB Church

In this season of social distance and uncertainty, it is also a time to continue to reflect on places that God has been at work, is at work, and will be at work.  The following is another article composed by SDB General Council Member Patti ... Read More

A Prayer for Our Pastors

How does a shepherd care for scattered sheep? I googled it. Apparently it is difficult. We are entering into a season in which our local churches will by and large remain scattered, not assembling in person on our regular rhythms. As we transition into this ... Read More