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Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention

Seventh Day Baptists take seriously the responsibility of caring in our churches for those who are most vulnerable.  In our culture, children are routinely among the most vulnerable.  In an attempt to aid our churches in their ministry to and for children, we have compiled a list of resources meant to aid local churches as they seek to provide appropriate care.

Note: Because Seventh Day Baptist churches are located across the United States and Canada, we cannot guarantee that every resource listed below will provide appropriate guidance in every context depending on local, state and federal laws.  Complying with all appropriate laws is the responsibility of local churches and individuals.  Because some of the resources below have been created for a particular context, they will reflect features which may not transfer to you or your church’s exact context.  We advise local churches with questions about legal requirements in their state to consult law enforcement, legal counsel, and/or their insurance provider.

Child Protection Links & Resources:

Government Resources:

United States Dept of Justice – National Sex Offender Registry

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – National Sex Offender Registry

US Dept of Health & Human Services – Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations

        US Dept of Health & Human Services – Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect


Insurance Resources (these links are to resources produced by companies that provide insurance to local churches; being listed here is not meant to convey endorsement of any particular insurance provider or service they provide):

Brotherhood Mutual: Child Safety Resources

Brotherhood Mutual: Background Screening

Church Mutual: Child and Youth Sexual Abuse

Church Mutual: Background Screening Basics

GuideOne: Child Abuse Resources

GuideOne: Background Checks

Guidestone Financial (Southern Baptist Convention): Safeguard Against Sexual Abuse & Misconduct

Guidestone Financial (SBC): What Should You Do If You Suspect Child Abuse

Guidestone Financial (SBC): Employment Background Screening


Helpful Links:

     “Difficult Questions about Child Protection in Your Church,” by Sam Rainer

     “How To Talk to Your Kids about Sexual Abuse,” by Casey B. Hough

     “Eliminating the Edge: Five Common Characteristics of Child Sexual Offenders,” by Boz Tchividjian

     “Resist & Report: The Temptation to Investigate,” by Victor Vieth

     “How Should Churches Handle Reports of Abuse?,” by Casey B. Hough


SDBGC Resolutions:

Resolution on Child Protection (2015)


Churches with additional questions about promoting safety in their ministry are invited to contact us ( for more information!