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Team 21

Team 21 is part of the ADVANCE initiative to promote, support, and fund church planting among SDBs. We are seeking out people who will donate $21 each month towards church planting, pray at least 21 minutes each week (3 minutes per day average) and for 21 days straight each quarter, and commit to sharing their SDB expression of faith with at least 21 people each year (less than 2 people per month). All Team 21 members will receive a gift from the Church Planting Task Force for their contributions. If you are unable to meet all Team 21 commitments, we would still covet you joining in our prayer initiatives as individuals and as a church. 


The 2019 Team 21 Prayer Guide is based on Matthew 9:35-38

From March 3-23, 2019, we are asking that you pray for:
“ALL THE CITIES AND VILLAGES” – Praying for cities without SDB expressions of faith

Top 21 most populous cities in the US & Canada with no SDB expression of faith:
Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Montreal, QC; Phoenix, AZ; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; Dallas, TX; Calgary, AB; San Jose, CA; Ottawa, ON; Jacksonville, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Charlotte, NC; San Francisco, CA; Mississauga, ON; Austin, TX; Edmonton, AB; Winnipeg, MB; El Paso, TX; Detroit, MI; Boston, MA