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Conference 2020: Director Q&A

Q&A Sessions with Directors are an opportunity to ask questions or give feedback on the ministry of the SDB General Conference. Possible topics in each Director’s ministry area are listed below their name. These sessions took place on July 26 via Zoom. Thank you for your participation!

If you have any other feedback or questions for any of the directors, you may email them by clicking their name. 

*All times are listed in Eastern Time Zone*

Carl Greene, Executive Director
Topics: Diversity, Conference Operations, Vision, Travel, Policies


Memorial Fund Trustees
Topics: Grants, Scholarships, Investments

Nicholas Kersten, Director of Education & History
Topics: SDBU, History (Archives & Library), Evangelism, Discipleship



John Pethtel, Director of Church Development & Pastoral Services
Topics: Church Planting, Church Revitalization, Church, Pastoral Search, Pastoral Health, Credentials, Calling, Conference Week, Crisis (Abuse, Child Protection, Pandemic, etc.)


Jennifer Wangsness, President – SDB Women’s Society
Topics: SCSC (Summer Christian Service Corps), Tuition Fund, Robe of Achievement, Women’s Ministries, Women in Ministry



Andrew Samuels, Chief Executive Director – SDB Missionary Society
Garfield Miller, Director of Missions – SDB Missionary Society
Topics: International Missions, Short Term Mission Trips, Local church involvement in missions



Jeremiah Owen, Director of Communications
Topics: Social Media, Sabbath Recorder, Tracts, Translation, Website, Videos, Streaming