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Virtual Conference Week 2020: Day One – July 26

**Below you will find a recap/summary of events that took place on Day One (July 26)
of Virtual Conference Week 2020**

The Conference Spirit Week Theme was 5K Day encouraging many to wear the newest or previous Gospel Feet 5K gear or to take pictures of your participation in the Virtual Gospel Feet 5K Kickoff @ 11am. The Virtual Gospel Feet 5K can be run (or swum or walked or…) until August 2. 

There was an opportunity to give feedback to or ask questions of our Conference Directors about the ministries they help oversee for the SDB General Conference in the afternoon and evening. If you have feedback or questions, feel free to visit the Director Q&A page to link to email addresses to contact them. 


At 7 pm, Debbie Bond (and a capable guest staff) led some of our youth completing grades 9-12 in games, lessons, and discussions in our Youth Summer Virtual Bash via Zoom. Thank you, Debbie and staff, for your hard work!