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Women in Ministry Tuition Fund Guidelines


1.  Applicant must be one of the following:

(a)  The wife of an SDB pastor

(b)  The wife of an SDB seminary student

(c)  A female SDB ministerial student

(d)  A female SDB pursuing a Christian Education career

(e)  A female SDB denominational employee

*Exceptions may be made when attendance at an eligible seminar or workshop will directly benefit our denomination.

2.  Total amount of financial support shall not exceed $200 for any one person per year.

3.  Requested courses, seminars, workshops, etc. must be approved by the Women’s Society Board of Directors.  The Council on Ministry and/or Board of Christian Education may be consulted to determine eligibility.

4.  Applicants should expect to allow at least 1 month for processing requests.

5.  A report is to be made to the Board of Directors upon completion of attendance at such a seminar/workshop/course.  Receipt of this report will affect the Board’s decision to grant future requests from an individual.  Please describe:

(a)  Courses studied

(b)  Educational benefit (to you and your ministry)

(c)  Actual costs involved

Download the application. Tuition-Fund-Application