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Palmiter Ordained during Allegheny Association Meeting

The First SDB Church of Genesee (Little Genesee, NY) celebrated the ordination of Pastor Kevin Palmiter to the gospel ministry on May 2, 2015 at 3:30pm during the spring meeting of the Allegheny Association of SDBs hosted by the church in Little Genesee. 

Pastor Kevin’s ordination council was held on March 28, 2015 with representatives from eight different SDB churches and the Council on Ministry in attendance. Pastor Kevin presented his Christian testimony along with papers representing his reflections on the SDB Statement of Belief and his ministry experience. Pastor Kevin answered questions for around 90 minutes to the satisfaction of the council. The ordination council then voted to recommend to the First SDB Church of Genesee that Pastor Kevin be ordained to the gospel ministry. The council also voted that Pastor Kevin’s beliefs were in accord with the SDB Statement of Belief. 

Palmiter Ordination

The ordination service was led by Dr. Tim Bancroft (Little Genesee). Included in the service were: Dr. Rick Cudahy and Rev. Pat Bancroft (Little Genesee) giving an affirmation of the candidate; Rev. John J. Pethtel (Director of Pastoral Services) preaching the ordination sermon, titled “Stewards of the Mysteries of God” based on 1 Corinthians 4:1-5; Dr. Bancroft presenting a charge to the candidate; Pastor JoAnne Kandel (Little Genesee) presenting a charge to the church; and Rev. Andrew Camenga (Little Genesee) leading the consecrating prayer over Pastor Kevin. The newly ordained Rev. Palmiter gave the benediction. Dinner was held at the host church’s newly built community center where many friends, family and church members were in attendance to help celebrate. 

Pastor Kevin and his wife, Patti, have been serving the First SDB Church of Genesee since May 2005. Pastor Kevin is a graduate of the Summer Institutes on Sabbath Theology, SDB History, and SDB Polity. He enjoys fishing, taking pictures of barns, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone he meets. 

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