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SDBU Registration

Your first step to becoming a SDBU Certificate student is to complete the Admission Application for SDBU Certificate Programs.

Once you have been notified of your acceptance into a SDBU  Certificate, you may register for current course offerings here.
PLEASE register for each course you want to take individually and only register for courses that are being offered for that term.

SPRING 2019 TERM COURSE OFFERINGS (February 3, 2019-May 18, 2019)
SDBU 211 – Biblical Preaching 
SDBU 230 – NT Survey
SDBU 280 – Practical Ministry Skills
SDBU 371 – SDB Polity and Applied Ecclesiology

If you are a local SDB church and interested in SDBU Core Curriculum (000 level) or the Lay Leadership Certificate (100 level), please contact us at or 608-752-5055 ext. 1006.