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SDBU Registration

Your first step to becoming a SDBU Certificate student is to complete the Admission Application for SDBU Certificate Programs. There is a $50 application fee. This will be invoiced to you after submission of your application. 

PLEASE register for each course you want to take individually and only register for courses that are being offered for that term. Each course is $125 (except Summer Insitute courses; $350) and you are responsible for your own books.

SPRING 2020 TERM COURSE OFFERINGS (February 9, 2020-May 23, 2020)

SDBU 211 – Biblical Preaching

SDBU 230 – New Testament Survey 

SDBU 260 – Intro to Evangelism & Apologetics

SDBU 280 – Practical Ministry Skills

SDBU 354 – Sabbath Theology – SUMMER INSTITUTE
**This course requires 5 days (June 7-11) in person at the SDB Center in Janesville**


If there are any questions, please contact us at or 608-752-5055 ext. 701.